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  2. Market Entry
  3. Company Registration and Administration
  4. Project Management
  5. Local Representation
  6. Local Distribution
  7. Real Estate Investments
  8. Retail Channels Investments
  9. Analysis of Market Entry Cost
  10. Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals
  11. Factory Registration and Organization
  12. Manpower Services - Qaulified Staff
  13. eCommerce Investments
  14. Sourcing and Outsourcing Organization
  15. Tourism and Hotel Investments
  16. Analysis of Competitors
  17. Farming and Agriculture Investments
  18. Business Meetings with Distributors
  19. Mergers & Acquisitions
  20. Professional Investment Expertise

Explore Pharmaceutical Market in Asia with Grand Waktu! 

The encouraging pharmaceuticals markets in Asia. The pharmaceuticals market in Asian countries is remarkably vast. Depending upon the country’s economy, everyone needs the affordable pharmaceutical supplies along with its being trustworthy and reliable. Asian market has a huge potential for pharmaceutical exports. The combined projected market value of these countries (including prominent markets like Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, China, India, Myanmar and Philippines) is very high. The health and biological sector has promising growth with the rapid advancement in technology, research and development and sturdy government support.

The fast food culture and the changed life style of the gigantic population of these Asian countries have introduced an opportunity for the exporters of pharmaceutical products with promising profits and growth. However, the governments are taking steps to deter foreign companies, but the participation could be massive.

Export Pharmaceuticals to Vietnam and Cambodia. You may have a flourishing business if you are interested to Export Pharmaceuticals to Vietnam and Cambodia as they are the large emergent markets with continuous requirements of quality pharmaceutical products. Especially Vietnam has come up with enormous requirements as a result of Government investment and high drug consumption. Moreover, the drug consumption per capita is expected to increase by 70% by 2015. Also, the government has announced to keep the health sector on the top priority. With increasing foreign investment, national regulation and joint venture with multinational companies, Cambodia and Vietnam have enormous potential for effective and fruitful distribution of drugs and other pharmaceutical products.

Export Pharmaceuticals to Myanmar and Thailand. The potential to Export Pharmaceuticals to Myanmar and Thailand is vast. The Thailand government has identified the biological and pharmaceutical sector as the key area for capital investment, growth and development. Myanmar government advocates the development pharmaceutics and biotechnology to accelerate the country’s growth as knowledge based economy. This initiative has made many foreign pharmaceutical companies emerge and flourish tremendously.

Distribution of Pharmaceuticals in Vietnam and the Philippines.Distribution of Pharmaceuticals in Vietnam and the Philippines could prove a profitable decision. The market for the Distribution of Pharmaceuticals in Vietnam and the Philippines is highly affected by the populace living in these countries. The population is exposed to adopt the new and advanced life style, which makes them face several health issues so that the importance of investing in drugs and other pharmaceutical facilities has been exponentially grown. The biological sector is increasing with plenty of pharmaceutical companies making investments of over $20 billion in Vietnam and Philippines.

These markets show their keenness for the development of biological and pharmaceutical sectors with huge investment plans, and welcoming foreign companies to make their country and its people more educated, and alert towards optimum health management.

For companies that are interested to Export pharmaceuticals in Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines, it is extremely crucial to provide quality, reliable and regular supplies as the laws, and government ruling is quite particular. You may also be required to get the license in order to abide by the set regulation standards, to protect against environmental contamination and other hazards.

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Grand Waktu Services: Organisation of Investors, Joint Venture Partners and New Businesses in ASEAN, South Asia and China. Registration of Pharmaceutical Companies and Pharmaceutical Consulting Companies. Organisation of Production and Outsourcing in ASEAN countries, Representation and Marketing & Advertising of Your Brands in South Asia, China and ASEAN countries. Registration of Pharmaceuticals, Medicines, Medical Devices, Hospital Equipment. Marketing of Your Technologies, Patents and Know-How. Registration of your Products and Trademarks, Representative Office, Sales Center, Coordination of Sales, Contacts to Key Companies and Manufacturers in South Asia, China and ASEAN countries.

Grand Waktu Markets: Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, The Philippines, Thailand, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia

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